Woman Is Shocked To Find Out That Her Friends Shower Daily

  • March 21, 2024
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Woman Is Shocked To Find Out That Her Friends Shower Daily

Personal sanitation is absolutely that person. There is no pattern that works for everyone. But a few of its features are more hectic than others. Just a certain days ago, a woman sparked a heated discussion after she disclosed that she only takes showers three times a week. 

She did not think it was something out of the usual till the topic randomly came up when she and a few of her friends were chatting about their beauty routines. They said to her that her number is way too low.

We are not sure what to make of their talk, and then she made a post on the famous platform Mumsnet, asking if its users also think that she is being disgusted.

How often do you shower?

How often do you shower?

This woman thinks three times in a week was enough, but her buddies are starting to change her mind.

She posted that how often should I take shower? And then she write that I am having a few drinks last night with my friends. We are all-female a group of parents and nonparents. One of my friends said that she is struggling to find time to take a shower every day since she had her baby. And I said, well I don’t shower every day without a younger baby. And all of a sudden they looked at me in horror. Apparently, even ones with kids take showers daily. 

How often do you shower?

Full explanation, I have two daughters one is under five and I work part-time. I take a shower on working days plus one extra day so usually, three times a week, and my off days usually consist of playing at home, school run, maybe parking, or walking the dog.

I would shower extra if having sex/ on periods/ exercising etc. I bathe my children three times a week. My other half works out every weekday so he does shower more than me. Am I being disgusting?

About two-thirds of Americans daily take shower. In Australia, it is more than 80%, but in China, almost half of their population take bath only twice a week.  But why?  According to Robert H.shmerling “because it is healthier than showering less often” is not even the real reason.

According to the doctor, for many people,  the regular shower is more about societal norms and habits than health. Maybe that is why the frequency of showering or bathing increased so much from country to country. Different people have different points of view, here we discuss below a few people’s points of view. 

People point of views on her post:

A user montysma1 commented that I don’t shower every day. So wasteful. Generations before us didn’t have showers including my parents. And they definitely were not manky. It’s just one of those 1st world things people have taken to doing. Completely unnecessary. 

Another user yellowsmileyface also commented that I shower about 3 times a week, also, so obviously I think it is just fine.  I have sensory issues and I absolutely hate showering ( the noise, the feel of the water hitting my skin….. It is an attack on the sense for me). I would not want to have a bath for everything as it’d be wasteful of water and much more time-consuming. I’ll have an extra wash at the sink if I feel I need it.

Franie commented that If you don’t smell then there is no need to shower. The only thing I would say is you need to wash with water after a period, poo, etc.

Another one said that since I started showering less frequently during the lockdown, the condition of my skin and hair has improved markedly. Daily soap and shampoo strip skin and hair of natural moisture. 

Except considering it healthier, people also choose to take a shower every day for a few other reasons, including:

  • They are very concerned about their body odor;
  • It helps them to wake up;
  • This may be a morning routine for them that includes working out.

Above all has merit, especially taking into consideration that work relationships or work can be jeopardized by complaints about body odor or personal hygiene. But what has considered acceptable in this regard varies from culture to culture. There is no fascinating reason to wash your hair twice with every shower, but it does sell more shampoo if everyone follows these directions.

Showering too repeatedly can actually be more injurious than beneficial. Usual skin keeps a healthy layer of oil and a balance of “good” bacteria and other microorganisms. Scrubbing and washing remove them if the water is hot. As a result,

  • The skin may become irritated, itchy, or dry;
  • Cracked, dry skin may let allergens and bacteria breach the barrier skin is considered to supply, allowing allergic reactions and skin infections to occur;
  • Antibacterial soaps can really kill off usual bacteria. This disturbs the balance of microorganisms on the skin and stimulates the emergence of hardier, less friendly organisms that are more invulnerable to antibiotics;

The conclusion is that everyone’s skin is different, and we all need to figure out what works for us, .while the importance of personal hygiene can’t be understated. But with that being said, it sounds like the post’s author might have got shamed unnecessarily!

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